Outperform With Lead Analytics

Great marketing is all about connecting the dots! Unveil insights from vast amount of information surrounding your business.
Capture, consolidate, and process, prospect information from diverse sources; e-mails, social networks and corporate data (Twitter, Blogs, Message-Boards, Social-Networks and CRM). More Details
  • Are you creating quality leads? What % of your leads, converts to sales? What’s the profile of your prospects?
  • Informed decisions about your prospects, will increase your lead conversion and revenue.
Web-Based Online Demo
  • Powerful interactive web-based analysis compatible with major web-browsers.
  • Deep intuitive data exploration analytics on acquisitions, activities, opportunities, campaigns and sales with predictive scores and segmentations.
Disconnected Off-line Analytics
  • Portable interactive analytics in a browser accessible format with offline connections.
  • Personalized content automatically distributed to individual recipients via emails or pre-downloaded via shared folders, portals and web-sites.
Runs Natively on Mobile Devices (Apple iPad Demo)
  • Take a tour, of the Lead Analytics Mobile Component, running natively on the iPad.
  • Interact, visualize and gain insight into leads, where-ever, using in-built iPad touch gestures. Compatible with Android and Blackberry.
Canada based Information Management Solution Providers. Consulting and customisation services available to fit into your business niche.
More Details http://www.lltcorp.com/content/lead-analytics