The DW 2.0 Architecture

For years there have been two major approaches to data warehousing:

  • Kimball approach
  • Inmon approach

And for years these two architectural approaches have been evolving, there is a proposed architecture which combines the BEST features of both architectures, The DW 2.0 architecture, the evolving architecture for data warehouse and it can be combined very adroitly. DW 2.0 represents a long term architectural blueprint to meet the needs of modern corporations and modern organizations.
Some of the more salient aspects of the DW 2.0 architecture include:

  • Unstructured data as an essential and granular ingredient in the data warehouse.
  • An exploration warehouse
  • Near line (or alternate) storage
  • An archival component
  • Oper marts
  • An ODS
  • Metadata as an essential component of the architecture
  • Taxonomies
  • Changed data capture
  • Recognition of the life cycle of data within the data warehouse.

Find attached a White Paper that elaborates on The DW2.0 Architecture

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