Consulting Services

BI Analytics Road-map and Strategic Planning

  • We help define and customize the strategy needed to provide your business access to relevant, correct and complete information which is critical to decision making in today's fast paced environment. Successful organizations typically have the right data at the right time to make the decisions that allow them to have a competitive advantage, by gaining insight on trends, customers, and opportunities.
  • Also, we have an experienced team to help you define and implement the right BI Strategy so that you have the Business Intelligence solution that makes it possible to compete in the global market.

BI Analytics Consulting and Solution Implementation

  • As a result of our effective Information Analytics Methodology, LLTCORP consultants have successfully developed, designed, and implemented numerous complex data warehouse, business analytics and forecasting projects.
  • These projects have enabled our consultants to bring numerous proven solutions to the many complex BI problems.
  • Having pre-packaged solutions available serve to advance our BI analytics implementations, and enables us to concentrate on our clients unique data issues.
  • Our forte also includes ad-hoc analysis, reporting, score-carding and budgeting.

Data Migration

  • For a well calculated anticipated cost, LLTCORP can help with even the most complex data migration efforts and help you meet your short term data conversion needs. This includes data profiling, data standardization, data cleansing, data auditing, data analysis, data mapping and data transformation.

Data Warehousing

  • We convert data from diverse source data formats into target destinations. We achieve this through two steps: data mapping by mapping data elements from the source to the target and capturing any transformation that must occur, then we implement the solution that creates the actual transformation program

Data Cleansing

  • LLTCORP helps organizations scrub or cleanse data through detecting and correcting (or removing) corrupt and inaccurate records. We also identify incomplete, incorrect, inaccurate, irrelevant parts of the data and replace, modify or delete the dirty data.